Locally-Sourced Food at Smithy on Henderson

Smithy uses locally-sourced food in Dallas

Whenever possible, SMITHY Fine Spirits & Provisions uses locally-sourced ingredients on our menus. From locally-sourced fish to responsibly-raised meats, fruits, and vegetables of all varieties, our menu features something to satisfy all needs and diets. Locally sourcing isn’t just about food here. We also use locally-sourced craft beers from many Texas breweries to bring you the best in beverages. Whether you’re stopping by for a craft beer and one of our family-style sharable plates or to enjoy a hearty meal after a busy day at work, we think the SMITHY difference in quality should be apparent. From quiet sit-down meals to large private events, we’d love to serve you soon at our local Dallas restaurant and sports bar!

Benefits of choosing locally-sourced food

SMITHY Fine Spirits & Provisions is a fan of using locally-sourced foods and responsibly-raised meats, fruits, and vegetables for various reasons, including the following:

More Robust Flavors – The biggest benefit of locally-sourcing ingredients is probably the robust flavors that can be brought to a meal cooked using them. Adding more heirloom varieties of your favorite fruits and vegetables helps us add more vibrant colors to our menu, as well as more inventive flavors. Seasonal locally-sourced ingredients allow our chefs to be more creative!

Supports Local Economy – Locally-sourcing our ingredients allows us to build better relationships with our neighbors and the community at large. We’re doing our part to help support the local economy, and you are too when you choose to dine here.

An Eco-Friendly Choice – Feel better about the foods you’re putting in your body while protecting the environment with locally-sourced foods from farms that aren’t as reliant upon harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or growth hormones.

More Nutritious Meals – Because less time often passes between their harvest and you consuming them, you can also expect the locally-sourced foods we serve on our menu to be richer in nutrients as well. We pride ourselves in offering a safer food supply for our customers with fewer chances for contamination.

GMO-Free Foods – GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are often found in crops that have been genetically altered to yield more results. By locally-sourcing our ingredients, we’re able to develop a closer relationship with our suppliers to open up discussions about what’s really in the foods we serve on our menu. Locally-sourced food is often GMO-free or GMO-friendly at the very least. Can the foods found at the larger commercial farms say the same?

Healthy lunch near me in Dallas, TX

If you’re looking for a healthy lunch near you in the Dallas area, SMITHY would welcome your patronage. Come relax on our patio for a quiet brunch or lunch with your best friend or dog (they could even be the same, who are we to judge?), or take in a game with friends and sip a locally-sourced craft beer at our bar. We have many vegetarian, keto, GMO-free, and vegan items available on our brunch, lunch, and dinner menus

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